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Flowserve have an extensive range of Positioners & Switchboxes that complement our valve actuation side of the business. Their range offers the customer huge improvements in process uptime, reliability in lifetime and ultra-high precision especially within their Positioner range. Within the Positioner range, they offer advanced prognostic and diagnostics on any field issues, allowing for problems to be identified and expediting corrective actions leading to significantly reduced return-to-operation times.

The PMV Switchbox range has a proven record amongst customers for accurate and reliable feedback in both rotary and linear applications. Switchboxes providing both visual and electrical position indications, they are both cost-effective and compact to offer high performance at a low cost. There are various specifications that can be offered, from corrosion-resistant enclosures to multiple switch positions and types that meet IP and NEMA standards. Safe Area and Hazardous Environments (ATEX) are also catered for in the range.

As we are known for our actuation within the process industry alongside our ties with Flowserve, we are one of the leading stockists in the UK for the Flowserve PMV range.

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