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Flowserve's Kammer range includes special application and general service control valves and actuators, which are used extensively in the chemical, petrochemical, power, petroleum, pulp & paper, pharmaceutical, food processing and cryogenic industries. More than half of the Kammer range is custom designed and because of the versatility and interchangeability of their design, they often do not require additional time or cost. The Kammer range has the ability to meet difficult applications and are designed to handle a wide range of service conditions: pressures from vacuum to 4,100barg (60,000psi) and temperatures from -306°C (-520°F) to 427°C (800°F). Body materials include all common stainless steels, in addition to plastics and exotic alloys.

The Kammer pneumatic actuators are widely known for their versatile diaphragm design, easy installation and simplified maintenance. When compared to other manufacturers’ diaphragm actuator designs, Kammer actuators have much higher thrust capabilities, feature a very compact design and are lighter in weight. They also feature a field reversible design that requires no additional parts.

We have extensive knowledge of the Kammer product and can assist in specifying the correct product for your process requirements.

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