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Positioners are used to control the opening or closing of the actuator based on electric or pneumatic signals. Our range of positioners includes analog and digital designs. As a leading Flowserve distributor, we have great knowledge and understanding of the PMV Positioner range, and stock a healthy amount of PMV P5, EP5 analog positioners and PMV D30 Smart digital positioners. The PMV P5 and EP5 positioners are fast and accurate. They available in pneumatic (P5) or electropneumatic (EP5) configurations. Choose from explosion-proof (EP5-EX), fail freeze (EP5-FS) and intrinsically safe (EP5-IS) options. The D30 is a robust, intelligent positioner with very high air capacity. Based on proven digital technology, it features a large, high-performance spool valve controlled by a unique intelligent control algorithm.  

Please get in touch with a member of our team for price and availability.

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