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Plug valves are simple and often economical and are great solutions for applications that are slurry based or ones that require higher integrity when it comes to the sealing and shutoff in a process line. 

The range of plug valve applications is broad and our portfolio reliably addresses the vast majority of requirements including high temperatures and pressures, corrosive media,  toxic and sub-zero fluids. We offer a range of lined, lubricated and non-lubricated designs that ensure low energy consumption through low-torque designs and safe operation with tight shutoff performance. High levels of uptime are achieved through pressure-balanced designs. Absolute shutoff requirements can be addressed by double-isolation models. 

Plug valves have been a major success for Tyne Valves and our clients. We have extensive knowledge of the product, especially Flowserve's own Durco range.

Please get in touch with a member of our team for price and availability.

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