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Tyne Valves are able to provide flexible bellows or flexible hoses as a solution where hard pipe cannot be used. Our flexible bellows are primarily used on pumps, chillers, and other reciprocating machinery to reduce noise and vibration. They are a critical part of any pumping system as they provide the flexibility necessary to absorb system movements associated with vibration. Rubber bellows (also known as rubber expansion bellows) have the capability of compensating for small amounts of axial, lateral and angular pipe work movement and therefore makes them suitable for small installation misalignments. To compensate for thermal pipe movement and for these types of applications, stainless steel bellows are recommended.

For lined process hoses, we are pleased to work with market leader Aflex Hose. The hoses are designed for media transfer in a variety of industries including Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Cosmetics and Food and Beverage. The biggest advantage of process hoses is that they can be lined with a uniformed PTFE layer along the entire hose length including the fittings. The PTFE liner tube is extruded through the fitting, then flared out and hot-formed on the sealing face. Therefore, the substance passing though the hose contacts only the totally chemically resistant PTFE eliminating any corrosion resistance of the metal fittings. In addition, the inner PTFE lined fittings are smooth without fluid entrapment areas, ensuring the highest hygienic solution.

Please get in touch with a member of our team for price and availability. Tyne Valves are able to specify Aflex Hose product to the customers' exact requirements. 

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